Recovery and restructuring

Tax adviser Netherlands is experienced in conducting discussions with bankers, suppliers, creditors, accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and the tax authorities. Where necessary we can negotiate with them and propose agreements about the financing and the survival of your company. If you find yourself in a recovery and restructuring scenario we will initially, together with you, perform a “quick scan” identifying the problems within your organization and whether these problems can be solved. In the short term, we will need to determine where value is still being created within the organization and where not, whether there are new opportunities and possibilities and whether these solutions can lead to a sustainable “new” organization. The relevant stakeholders will be involved in this quick scan.

In the event of a positive outcome of the quick scan we will, with involvement of all stakeholders, draw up a step-by-step plan outlining the steps that must be taken to preserve a “healthy” company. We can play a coordinating role during the implementation of the step-by-step plan. When desired we can also, as an interim manager, assist during the entire transition.